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Rehabilitation for the Individual
and Family Unit

L. Williams and Associates, LLC provides professional counseling, case management and family support personnel to help with rehabilitation of the individual and family unit. L. Williams and Associates provides a safe, nurturing and wholesome environment for all counseling services.

Understand the nature of illness and diagnosis…

We provide assistance in helping the family understand the nature of the illness, diagnosis and possible treatment remedies.

Individual Therapy Service Offerings

L. Williams and Associates, LLC provides one to one counseling sessions. In these face to face sessions the Therapist provide safe confidential, supportive and private consultation on the presenting issues. Our Therapists work to help the Client identify behaviors, feelings and thoughts patterns that are concerning and work with the Client to provide a solution. Counselors at L. Williams and Associates, LLC are empathetic, non-judgmental, genuine, caring, and properly trained to meet the needs our clients.

Substance Abuse

Many mental health/social issues facing the individual can be resolved with a visit to our counseling center. L. Williams and Associates,LLC counselors are prepared to help the client make positive and productive changes through one on one communication in a private, trusting and safe environment.

Group Therapy

Psychotherapy that involves one or more therapist working with several people at the same time is called group therapy. L. Williams and Associate, LLC use group therapy because it instill hope because of it universality, ability to provide information and altruism. Group is used to help clients to realize they are not alone in their struggles, the sharing of experiences and experience their failures and triumphs. Groups help clients become aware of their own feelings, needs and ability to express them.

Play Therapy

Play is universal. Everyone likes to play. L. Williams and Associates, LLC uses play therapy. Play therapy is a technique whereby the person’s natural means of expression, is used as a therapeutic method to assist in learning to cope with emotional, behavioral and traumatic problems.

Play Therapy is an excellent tool for handling cognitive, behavioral and emotional problems. These issues include bullying, grief, and loss, divorce and abandonment, ADHD, ADD, autism, academic and social impairments,
abuses and trauma.

Play therapist are licensed and trained mental health professional who have earned a Master’s or Doctorate degree.

Rapid Resolution Therapy

Rapid Resolution therapy helps change negative to positive thought. Many clients are stuck because of past traumatic emotional problems. It is an approach that helps the client overcome negative past emotional feelings, troubling thoughts, destructive behavior and relationship problems to achieve a positive change in behavior. A single visit can help resolve many problems.

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